Terms of purchase

1. Delivery

Free shipping for purchases over 66,36 € in Croatia and European Union. For purchases up to 66,36 € for Croatia shipping cost is 3,33 €.

Shipping cost for European Union is 6,66 € for purchases up to 66,36 €. Shipping is not possible for other countries. Shipping is not possible for other countries.

Ordered goods will be send to production after visible payment. The production itself takes up to 7 working days.

Door-to-door delivery directly to the locations indicated by the end customer, executed by the delivery companies.

The products are packed in way they cannot be damaged during standard transport. Kupac je dužan prilikom preuzimanja proizvoda provjeriti eventualna oštećenja i odmah ih reklamirati dostavljaču koji je robu dostavio. When receiving the goods the buyer has to sign a delivery note as a delivery confirmation for the courier service.


2. Returns

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can exchange it for any other product within 20 days of receipt, at your own expanse.

To apply this right , it is necessary to return the undamaged product in the original packaging with all the equipment and documentation as originally delivered and an invoice or other document proving that the product was purchased on our site.

Request for replacement can be submitted via e-mail info@byleticijakovac.com. Order number, code or description of the purchased item must be specified when submitting a request, along with the information (code or description) about the product for which you want to replace the previously ordered product.

In case the shipment is damaged during transport and such damage is visible when receiving the shipment, we kindly ask you to decline the shipment and contact us, so we can check the condition of the shipment as soon as possible and send a new one if necessary.

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, you are authorized to unilaterally terminate the product purchase agreement with LetiPoleti d.o.o. without stating the reasons within 14 days from the date of delivery of the product, ie delivery of the last product from the order.

The standard information form for unilateral termination of the contract can be found OVDJE.

Refund can be made by filling out the Form available at the link above and sending it by e-mail to info@byleticijakovac.com.

Upon receiving your e-mail, our customer service will forward the information regarding the return address. The funds are refunded once the package has arrived at our point of sale.

The return costs are borne by the sender, ie the buyer.

In the event of termination of the contract, each party is obliged to return to the other what it received under the contract, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. Refund will be processed after the goods have been returned. The goods must be returned no later then 14 days from the day you announced the unilateral termination of the contract.

We specifically note that you are responsible for any decrease in value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, other than that which was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods. By accepting these general terms and conditions, you have also accepted the provisions of the said regulation.


3. Warranty

If for any reason your product needs repair in order to regain it’s original shape, feel free to contact us via email: info@byleticijakovac.com. We will be happy to provide you with a service at no additional charge for all minor damages and defects. The cost of major repairs is defined after estimating the extent of repairs based on your description. Ukoliko je riječ o manjem oštećenju ili nedostatku, rado ćemo Vam izvršiti uslugu bez dodatne naknade. The cost of major repairs is defined after estimating the extent of repairs based on your description.

3.1. Liability for defective products

The existence of liability for defective products is in accordance with the Civil Obligations Act (Narodne novine No. 35/05, 41/08, 125/11, 78/15, 29/18, 126/21, hereinafter: ZOO ), as prescribed by the provision of Article 57, paragraph 1, item 12 of the Consumer Protection Act (Narodne novine No. 41/14, 110/15, 14/19).

3.2. Out-of-court dispute resolution

Pursuant to the provision of Article 22 of the ZARPS Act (NN 121/16, and 32/19), we would like to inform you that the HOK Court of Honor Zagreb, Ilica 49 / II, www.hok.hr/sud.casti before which I, as a member of the HOK, am obliged to participate.


4. Payment methods

Ordered goods can be paid for by general payment slip (bank transfer) or credit/debit card.


4.1. Payment by general payment slip or internet banking

The buyer is obligated to make the payment by general payment slip or online banking within 24 hours from the moment of the order. The goods will be sent after the bank executes the payment order.


4.2. Payment by credit/debit card

Payment by credit cards is possible as a one-time payment or as a payment in installments. Payment in installments refers to Privredna banka Zagreb cards only (Maestro®, Premium Visa, Visa cards) for amounts exceeding 66,36 €. When entering your card number on the Monri page the system will recognize the brand of the card and whether there is a possibility of payment in installments. Automatski će se ponuditi odabir broja rata.
Once the purchase is confirmed, a confirmation of your order will be sent to your email address. The Monri payments system will send a confirmation email for the authorization of the specified amount billed to your card. For your protection, the Monri system does not allow the exceedment of the approved amount and does not share your credit card information.


4.2.1. Payment security

Transaction authorization and billing through Monri payments guarantees the highest standards for the protection of personal data using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

The ISO 8583 protocol ensures the exchange of sensitive data between Monri payments and card authorization centers in a private network protected from unauthorized access by a double layer of firewalls. Mastercard and Visa cards use the 3D Secure purchase program. Credit card numbers are not stored and are not available to unauthorized persons unless authorized by you.

The confidentiality of your data is protected and ensured by SSL encryption. Online billing sites are secured using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption. SSL encryption is the process of encrypting data to prevent unauthorized access during its transmission.
This enables a secure transfer of information and prevents unauthorized access to data during communication between the user’s computer and the WebPay service and vice versa.
WebPay servis i financijske ustanove razmjenjuju podatke uporabom virtualne privatne mreže (VPN), koja je zaštićena od neautoriziranog pristupa.
Monri payments Gateway is certified according to the PCI DSS Level 1 security standard pursuant to Mastercard and Visa rules.
The seller does not store credit card information and the information is not available to unauthorized persons.

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